If you run or own an organization that provides cleaning services, you’re accustomed to cleaning up after your fellow workers. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the commercial industry, offering cleaning services in a corporate office, or as a consumer services provider, such as a carpet or window cleaner. Your company is crucial to keeping working environments open, moving things, and ensuring health and security.

The proper insurance plan for your cleaning business will provide business continuity, a solid reputation, and long-term growth. These factors create the possibility of a specific set of potential risks for cleaning businesses. It can range from damaged or stolen equipment or a client slipping onto a slippery floor, causing injury to themself and holding the industry accountable. Here are some insurances you should consider purchasing while you’re updating your business plan or starting a brand-new venture:

Commercial General Liability

Liability is the term used to describe instances where your company is liable for the damages sustained by a third party in the eyes of the law. Commercial General Liability (CGL) addresses circumstances where your company is legally responsible for bodily harm or property damage caused by a third person. For instance, if a person falls and slips onto the floor after you have completed mopping and falls on the floor, this insurance can assist in minimizing the damage in the event of a lawsuit arising.

Commercial Property

Commercial property insurance protects your property’s physical assets in the case of damage or loss caused by an insured risk. In addition to safeguarding the property you operate in, should you manage it, it could also cover furniture, inventory, equipment, and the technology you employ. It’s an excellent security measure in the event of unexpected losses resulting from a fire or storm or an outcome of a burglary. Suppose your office area gets damaged due to vandalism. In that case, this insurance policy can help you make the repairs quickly while keeping costs low.

Mobile Equipment Insurance

Do you depend on different cleaning equipment or tools? Your tools could be stolen from your worksite or damaged while you shift areas. This insurance can compensate for the loss.

Insurance for Business Interruption

If you get forced to shut down your business due to an insurance-backed loss, your revenue will likely be affected when repairs are in progress.

For most small-scale cleaning companies, an extended loss of income could be devastating. Insurance for business interruption can protect you from the loss of revenue, allowing you to continue to pay regular operating expenses like rent and payroll. It may aid you in getting back to your feet quicker without taking the most significant hit on your long-term profit.

Suppose you’re part of a business that provides janitorial service. In that case, you should call Commercial Insurance Ottawa to ensure that you get fully insured for any loss or damage during your operation. Talk to us at (613) 454-5640 or email us at info@commercialinsuranceottawa.com today about your new or renewal insurance needs.