Commercial Vehicles Insurance

For Every Business’ Vehicle Insurance Needs

Very often your business will need to use vehicles to make deliveries or transport to a meeting. Whether you have only one car or a fleet of trucks or vans, we are able to find the right coverage for your needs. You don’t want to be left without the use of this critical element of your business.

We deal with a number of types of businesses including:

Contractor Vehicle

From something as simple as a pickup truck to customized vans or trucks, we can provide the coverage unique to your vehicles.

Delivery Vehicle

The coverage will be adjusted based on the type of vehicle used in your business, the type of goods, the vehicle safety record, and the safety record of the driver(s). We also offer personalized policies for small catering vehicles or high-risk fuel delivery trucks.

Commercial Fleet

A fleet is defined as five or more vehicles. If that is the case with your company, we are happy to provide coverage for the vehicles as well as the contents of its cargo.