As landscaping professionals, you plan, design, and take a look after the world that surrounds us. You might be a groundskeeper, gardener, lawn care professional, or horticulture professional. Whether your occupation involves outdoor work or you enjoy your creativity inside, you get exposed to certain dangers. It is the reason landscape insurance is crucial. It’s critical to be aware of the risks of landscaping and to take action to protect your business from harm or loss. To help you get started, we’ve included an inventory of essential landscaping insurance coverages to consider when drafting your policy.

Commercial General Liability (CGL)

CGL gets explicitly designed to react to situations in which your company is accountable for causing a tertiary party to suffer bodily injury or property loss. With CGL insurance, you can ensure your operations are protected and reduce the risk of losses. If your company is accountable for damages that customer experiences at the workplace, Your CGL policy could help cover the costs associated with lawsuits, should a case arise?

Commercial Property

Suppose you manage a landscaping company from the convenience of a home or rent a commercial space. In that case, it is essential to have commercial insurance for your property. The commercial property insurance policy gets intended to react to instances where your company’s items are taken or damaged due to an insured risk. If the owner of your home owns a business, it is recommended for coverage on the commercial property form too. Your business’s contents can comprise equipment, furniture inventory, equipment and supplies, and more.

Mobility Tools and Equipment

Being on the road and working at a client’s location can expose your equipment and tools on the move to different risks like theft. The protection you have for your mobile equipment will help you protect yourself should any of your belongings get stolen. Tools are expensive to replace, and they are vital for your business.

Installation Floater

If you are installing products or fixtures for clients, consider this coverage to protect yourself if something gets damaged while waiting to be installed or during the installation. For instance, if you leave equipment or supplies at the worksite of a customer waiting to be put in place or taken, an installation floater could be able to assist.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Are you always in motion? Do you need to transport equipment to and from work sites every day? If so, an insurance policy for commercial vehicles can protect the vehicles you plan to use to conduct business. It is important to remember that an individual auto insurance policy won’t cover cars used for commercial use.

Group Health Benefits

Hands-on work in different settings is physically challenging. A good group benefits plan with life, health, and dental insurance will allow you to find the best employees. It can also encourage workers to do that extra step for your landscaping company.

Do Your Best Landscaping and Be Confident That Your Company Is in Good Hands

With the appropriate landscaping insurance policy, You can return to the business of doing what you love best. Check out our landscaping insurance pages today to find out more! We’ll help you develop an approach that supports your company’s long-term growth.

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