After an accident in your car, one of the primary questions you may receive is how you will cover the cost of the damage. When there is a commercial vehicle involved, the way you respond to that question will determine the future direction of your business.

At Ottawa Commercial Insurance, we assist business owners throughout Ottawa with the most suitable insurance coverage to pay for the expense of car repair. In this post, we’ll explain this and give you options to have your commercial vehicle repairs fixed today.

Cost of Car Repairs

In the case of the insurance for commercial vehicles, it doesn’t matter if you own a rugged and ready pick-up truck, luxurious SUV, or dad’s old station car. you will always require insurance. In addition to being legal, it’s also innovative.

Although driving can be safer, repairs to your car cost a lot. Regular maintenance helps keep your vehicle in top working condition. It includes tire rotations, oil changes, fluid transmission service, and more every year. The expense of maintaining your car on the road is more than you can imagine.

The most costly repairs to your car’s engine will result from damage caused by collisions. Minor repairs to the fender are likely to cost anywhere from $500 to $1500. If the extent of the crack grows and the damage gets worse, so will the cost. Medium repairs, such as grills, cover lights, and bumper repairs, are priced from $1,500 to $4,000. The cost of severe fender-benders could be more than $6,000 to repair at times, and rates can reach $10,000.

What Is the Coverage of Auto Insurance?

Suppose you’ve gotten involved in a car crash. As a driver, you know from personal experience that your first and foremost concern is the safety and security of your passengers and those in the vehicle you are operating.

At Ottawa Commercial Insurance, we want to remain that way. We aim to offer you comprehensive and robust insurance coverage that can help keep your mind off of the cost and help you focus on what matters the most. It gets accomplished through a range of options, such as:

Third-Party Liability Insurance, For property or bodily harm claims brought by a third party that claims to be liable for your losses or injuries due to your negligence.

Direct Compensation for Property Damage Insurance, It gets included in third-party liability and benefits protection in all basic automobile insurance policies. This feature lets you collaborate with your insurance company to coordinate vehicle repairs regardless of the person who caused the incident. By getting rid of the intermediaries and working directly with your insurance, you will be able to fix your vehicle and return to the roads quicker.

Collision Coverage, It will cover the costs of repairing your car, if anything, from a collision with another vehicle to slipping off the road.

Comprehensive Coverage, Protects you from damage to your vehicle that does not result from a collision. It includes fires and many more.

Accident Benefits Include medical and rehabilitation costs, funeral costs, medical expenses, and other expenses for yourself and the passengers in your car.

Ottawa Commercial Insurance has the contacts to ensure you’re covered if you seek personal or commercial auto insurance.

The Way Ottawa Commercial Insurance Helps You Save Money on Car Repairs

We’ve all heard that paying for repairs to damage caused by one of your company’s cars may be disastrous to your company’s bottom line. The sudden and unexpected expenses you incur aren’t only expensive and can differentiate between being solvent and bankruptcies, particularly in a growing company.

At Ottawa Commercial Insurance, we can assist you in connecting your company and you to insurance to ensure you get protected from these scenarios by offering coverages for liability and uninsured motorists.

Your commercial vehicle insurance policy will be able to cover legal fees and settlement awards for property damage and injuries that you get compelled to compensate for if you have liability insurance.

But what happens would you do if your company vehicle becomes the victim of an accident that an uninsured motorist caused? You’ll be glad to have taken out uninsured driver protection when this happens.

If you are a business owner, you know how crucial it is that you and your employees are licensed legally to operate your vehicle. It makes a stressful scenario even more difficult when you realize that the car driver that crashed into your truck is not insured. They are violating the law, but they’re also making it hard to figure out who’s paying for the damage.

Fortunately, such a situation is preventable. Although accidents caused by uninsured motorists could still impact your company, you can be secure knowing you are protected. Ottawa Commercial Insurance has your best interests in mind.

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If you’re insured, you do not need to consider whether car repairs are covered. There’s a policy to cover every issue and a solution for every car accident. The money you’ll save by not needing to pay for an appointment to the garage is money you can invest in expanding your fleet, investing in your business, or offering yourself and your employees a raise.

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