Worksites can be dangerous. Even with the most careful management, accidents may occur despite trying to be safe. People who visit the construction site could hurt themselves or damage property during construction. There are also more issues outside your control, such as vandalism or theft. We all try to keep these situations from happening, which eventually could happen. It’s essential to get prepared for these scenarios.

There is a myriad of choices of coverage available. It would be beneficial if you looked into three to guarantee that you can sleep soundly at night, knowing that you have the safety net you require.

3 Types of Coverage That Every Contractor Should Think About

Commercial General Liability Insurance

The majority of people think of insurance for contractors while finishing work. What happens if there’s a problem after the project gets completed? For example, if, for instance, you install a sink into a home and make a mistake, then, several years later, you discover flooding throughout the house. Insurance for general commercial liability, also known as CGL, can cover you if your completed job isn’t correct and causes damage.

However, you should be concerned with more than simply the ultimate output. What happens if things go wrong when you’re doing the task? It is a job site, and with the power of tools, sharp tools, and heavy lifting involved, the potential for injury and property damages to third parties are numerous.

CGL insurance is the foundation of any liability insurance policy carried by business owners. Suppose a customer or worker directly employs you as a subcontractor of a more significant business. In that case, it is possible to be responsible when something goes wrong on the job site, which could cause an expensive lawsuit. CGL Insurance gets designed to shield the business owner if they are held legally responsible for bodily injuries or damage caused by a third party.

In Ottawa Commercial Insurance, we would like to take this further. Our general liability policies for commercial clients include property damage and bodily injury, personal and advertising-related liability for injuries, and employee benefits program liability and coverage for medical costs.

Insurance for Commercial Property

You are powerless to stop bad things from happening. In the event of a fire, theft, or vandalism aren’t under your control. These hazards can mitigate by keeping an inventory, keeping precise records of construction equipment and tools, and securing your worksite from unwelcome visitors.

News stories about thefts from construction sites and arrests relating to the same issues are frequent. Construction tools, after all, are a popular target for theft since they are often left in the open and offered for sale on black markets.

To safeguard your physical assets, such as structures and their contents, you should consider commercial insurance for the property. This insurance can protect furniture, equipment tools, fixtures, machinery, and other third-party property. Also, it covers property that is in the process of moving.

Commercial property insurance can allow you to replace stolen tools. Cover some of the expenses incurred due to theft, and sometimes pay for the cost of renting equipment while you wait.

Installation Floater

You’re planning to install an air conditioner unit in commercial buildings. You’ve bought the required equipment and are now ready to begin. However, before you have an opportunity to complete the task, the AC unit is damaged. For your protection, there are installation floater guidelines.

An installation floater policy protects items you’re planning to install to protect you from damages or losses resulting from factors like fire, theft, and vandalism. For example, if materials to use for installation are left on the site and are stolen or destroyed, or if something happens to them when they’re moving, you might protect them.

Secure Your Company

You have a lot on your mind as a business owner to manage. Unfortunately, you can’t work each part of the job site 24 every day. You will not be able to manage all regions despite your best efforts.

If you’re seeking additional ways to secure your business, insurance for contractors might be the right choice for you.

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