A car fire is one of the most frightening things you’ll witness on the road. It’s something you don’t would ever wish to occur to you. Additionally, if employed as a commercial driver when a car fire is triggered, your truck and trailer will suffer damage, and the business may also be affected.

However, your insurance for commercial vehicles may be able to aid in such situations. Take note of the benefits insurance can offer in these frequently-unexpected, frightening situations.

The Causes of Vehicle Fires

Vehicles get equipped with batteries, fuel, and flammable material. So, the major fire in vehicles typically starts underneath the car’s hood. Potential risks might include:

  • Leaks of fuel.
  • Engines overheated.
  • Failure of batteries.
  • The electrical system is having issues.
  • Exhaust system breakdowns.

Even external issues might cause fires. Unfortunate events, for instance, could cause fires; however, even a tiny spark in an everyday drive can trigger sparks to ignite. Other factors – such as the vandalism above, poor maintenance, or arson- could also contribute.

Commercial Auto Insurance and Fire Injuries

Commercial auto insurance policies could be an asset for business owners during fires. To adequately comprehend the benefits of the coverage, consider a few examples of potential fire damage:

  • A vehicle that has been damaged or destroyed.
  • Damaged cargo.
  • Injured drivers or bystanders.
  • Damage to nearby property.

You could need to pay for repairs and replace your vehicle in a fire. Paying for towing, cleaning, and damage to other properties could be necessary. There could be additional costs for clients and the business in the case of harm to things inside the vehicle. Commercial auto insurance might be able to pay for the damage if these costs rise.

Comprehensive Damage Insurance

Fixing your corporate car is likely at the top of your agenda in the wake of a fire. You may be covered if your commercial auto insurance includes comprehensive damage insurance. Comprehensive insurance covers damage to your vehicle for business caused by incidents that get not directly connected to accidents. Car fires typically will be covered by this portion of your insurance.

There are a few prerequisites to keep in mind here:

  • Suppose the fire causes damage to an automobile beyond repair. In that case, the insurance company will agree on the damage cost. But, more is needed to purchase a new company vehicle. They could only pay an amount equal to the value in cash of your car when they realize a loss.
  • You’ll have to cover a deductible for the damages.

Other Protection You Need

Commercial drivers shouldn’t stop their safety with only the most comprehensive insurance. It’s only sometimes enough protection against the dangers of fires in vehicles. Other protections you may require are:

  • Insurance that covers medical costs supposes you or your passengers get hurt in a fire.
  • Protection from liability if the fire spreads and damages someone who’s vehicle or belongings and causes damage to the property.
  • Collision Insurance pays for the damages if an accident creates a fire. In most instances, you must purchase collision insurance on your own from comprehensive insurance.

Insurance policies can protect against damage to equipment used in the vehicle. When your business vehicle gets caught on fire, don’t sit around. Remove yourself from the car quickly. Then, call your Commercial Insurance Ottawa agent at (613) 454-5640 or email us at info@commercialinsuranceottawa.com. They will assist in completing your claim.