Everyone understands that their car is a valuable possession that can get them where they need to go. But where do vehicles travel when owners run around, require maintenance, or are still waiting for an owner change?

With time, car owners entrust their vehicles to security repairs, storage, or repair. Garage facilities tasks on them or keep them in the course of their operation. Garages and motor vehicle dealerships, repair shops, tow truck operators, and service stations are all involved with these machines of high value.

Your establishment could get held accountable when a person is injured or suffers property damage from regular garage operations. Garages offering motorized vehicle services and automobile services within Ottawa require protection from costly liability claims before they can affect the reputation of your garage company.

What is Garage Liability Insurance?

It is essential to cover your automobile business with various garage insurance policies. The first is the Commercial General Liability policy to protect the building (slip and fall) and the completed operation. We add an SPF#4 – the standard garage auto policy to cover the damage to customers’ vehicles while in the garage (if vandalized, burned, or stolen, if it gets thrown off a hoist, etc.).

This insurance coverage has to get designed for companies working in the automobile industry. It covers the risk of liability for operations, including the injuries sustained by the third other.

Like general liability insurance for all businesses, garage liability insurance gets specifically designed to protect auto companies from the consequences of legal actions taken by a vendor or customer injured at their property or due to their work on their vehicles.

Garage liability insurance can get described as a complete insurance plan of protection that protects the company named on the policy. And directors, employees, partners, and shareholders might be held responsible for any claim when performing their duties.

Garage Liability vs. Garage keepers Insurance

Don’t be confused. Garage responsibility is an insurance plan designed to safeguard your garage against the costs of claims for liability arising out of operations. This insurance plan protects your company with financial protection if someone else gets injured or property damaged during work in your garage. But, it doesn’t protect against damage to vehicles under your custody or care. Suppose a client claims their truck was stolen or damaged under your control. In that case, you’ll need a garage-automobile insurance policy to cover this risk.

Who Is the Person Who Needs Garage Liability Insurance?

Garage liability insurance is specific coverage for auto companies and garage facilities. It’s an intelligent investment for owners of garage facilities since it offers special financial protection for accidents caused by automobile activities.

Companies like auto body shops and repair shops, automotive glass installation, emission testing centers, Lube and oil change services, auto detailing services, tow truck operators, automobile dealerships and parking garages, and similar establishments will benefit from the total coverage of liability insurance plan.

Ask Our Brokers

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