Reviewing your current insurance policy could be time as we enter the summer months. Most seasonal businesses are currently up and running, while year-round companies may be moving into the midst of their busiest time of the year. Below, we provide a list of appropriate insurance policies for different kinds of small-sized businesses.

Secure Your Patio with CGL Insurance:

Outside seating areas are more susceptible to weather conditions such as rain, which could cause slips and falls or even strong winds that smash umbrellas on people. Commercial general liability insurance may protect your business from the less appealing sides of patios, allowing you and your customers to focus on the great features.

If you’re more than just keeping your patio in the summer, you might think about ways that you can assist your business prepare for floods. Some of the things you might be thinking about to minimize your flood risk include:

  • Install preventative barriers to stop the passage of water through the openings
  • The walls get sealed to prevent or limit the possibility
  • Install permanent sump pumps

Business Interruption Insurance Might Help If Your Operations Are Delayed or Disrupted:

No matter if your shop is open during the warmer months or in the case that this is your year-round business’s peak season. Making sure that you have enough ice cream that satisfies the cravings of everyone is vital to your success. It’s impossible to do this if malfunctioning equipment or power interruption results in a massive meltdown of ice cream that could cost you many thousands. Insurance for business interruption can reimburse you for any earnings you lose if this occurs.

Property Insurance Can Help You Protect Your Pop-Up Shop:

If you decide to set up a stall at a market, you’ll need to have a number of the same protection from insurance that brick and mortar stores do. It doesn’t matter if it’s baked goods, cheese, crafts, or any other specialty item; Ottawa’s are aware of the benefits of buying locally. Your customers may still be afflicted with chipped teeth or food poisoning. Likewise, your stand could still get damaged by winds or summer thunderstorms. The protections that could assist you in these situations include commercial property insurance and general liability insurance.

Event Planners Require Insurance for Professional Liability:

In warmer months, wedding planners are in high demand aiding couples in planning the perfect wedding ceremony. But, regardless of how well-organized you are in planning your wedding, there’s an opportunity to make a mistake. We all make mistakes from time to occasion. At the same time, errors can impact your wedding and consequently. Your guests’ satisfaction shouldn’t affect your business’s bottom line when professional liability insurance covers you.

Prepare for Extreme Weather

As global temperatures rise and the climate change in the coming years, the summers ahead might be hotter and more humid. It can trigger extreme weather events such as storms, wildfires, and even tornadoes, which could have catastrophic consequences on your home. There are various methods that your firm may prepare by routinely inspecting sections of your brick and mortar business that may become problematic in the future.

In the Long Term, Planning Can Benefit Your Small Business

Ensuring you have the right insurance is essential for your small-business risk management plan. In contrast, we allow you to focus on your business’s operations and provide the best possible service to your clients. Commercial Insurance Ottawa, we’ll help you find a flexible solution that addresses your specific risks. Contact us immediately at (613) 454-5640 or for a quote on your commercial or business insurance.