As landscaping professionals, you work most of your hours at client’s sites shifting from one place to another. Your clients have high expectations and depend on your ability to keep their property’s exteriors looking their best during the four seasons. Your job as a landscaper requires an array of equipment, tools, and materials that can leave you at risk of liability. Even the most meticulous landscapers get still faced with claims, like the case where a client falls on the equipment you use or accidentally damages property working. Because of your nature, job insurance is essential to avoid any accidental damage from putting your business off course.

Landscaping insurance gets explicitly developed to protect your business, employees, and you from losses that can devastate your business. It includes a quick turnaround to Landscaping Certificates of Insurance for any contract or project work you might be doing in the course. Whether you’re working in residential or commercial landscaping, Commercial Insurance Ottawa will offer a customized insurance plan which covers all the risks you might encounter.

What Types of Insurance Should Landscape Contractors Consider?

The following policies are a few of the most popular insurance coverages in the landscaping Insurance package. It is a partial listing of all types of insurance. Therefore, it is best to consult an insurance broker to create an insurance program specific to your business needs.

Commercial General Liability

As a contractor, most of your work occurs on other people’s property, leaving much room for liability risks. The purchase of commercial general liability insurance will defend your company from slip-and-trip-related lawsuits. It falls caused by your labor and any property damage to your customer on the job site. Also, it provides financial protection for claims common to legal liability or lawsuits that could cost your business tens of thousands of dollars without coverage.

Commercial Property

Suppose you own an office or workshop in your business and need to store necessary paperwork and equipment. In that case, you require commercial property coverage. It protects you in the case of an insured loss like theft, fire, and water-related damage.

Tools and Equipment

When running a landscaping company is an investment of money in purchasing equipment and tools. This policy covers repair or replacement costs for damaged, stolen, or lost equipment. To ensure that you have enough range for your business, you must prepare an inventory of your business tools and equipment.

Commercial Auto Insurance

You need commercial auto insurance if you use company vehicles or own one to transport equipment and tools between work sites. It will protect you in case of an accident involving the company vehicle and offer coverage in the event of injury to your car, damage to the vehicle, or theft.

Who Is Covered by Landscaper Insurance?

  • Landscapers
  • Landscape design architects
  • Groundskeepers
  • Gardeners
  • Arborists
  • Excavation
  • Design and maintenance of outdoor areas
  • Lawn treatment
  • Deck installation

Whether you’re an individual contractor or run an extensive landscaping business, the knowledgeable brokers of Commercial Insurance Ottawa understand the landscaping business. They will help you choose the most suitable insurance to meet your requirements. To start your quote now, call us at (613) 454-5640 or email us at