The current trend is changing at work all over the globe. From the latest technology companies to the oldest and most well-known financial institutions, workers resent the long commutes that add hours of unpaid work to their daily grinds. They are also working in their homes.

As a business proprietor, you are more knowledgeable than any other person with the distinct ability to work at home. Entrepreneurs like you created it. Now is the time to master it.

In Ottawa Commercial Insurance, we are here to help you expand your business from your home with confidence. Our plans for commercial property insurance ensure your office is protected regardless of whether it’s in your garage.

This post will discuss why you should have commercial property insurance to protect your work-from-home business setup.

To comprehend why you should start working from home for a long time, you must first grasp the newest developments in remote work and how they might affect you.

The WFH Revolution

Working at home (WFH) isn’t so solitary as it might seem. However, the work you do in the comfort of your sofa is a part of an industrial revolution of unimaginable dimension and size.

But, shocking figures like these offer an incomplete picture of WFH reality. Researchers at Statistics Ottawa investigated the topic further and determined that the likelihood of working from home varied greatly depending on the field in which they operate. For instance, while only 5% of those working in food and accommodation services could work at home, the percentage grew to 70% in the insurance and finance sectors and the scientific, professional, and technical services industries.

What Are the Implications of Will the WFH Revolution Affect You?

If you’re currently working at home or admiring others who work from home, you will continue to be impacted by this shift in the workplace lifestyle. While companies are announcing their plans to relocate employees to work, Ottawa People are making their presence known that they may not follow, and technology trends could increase their leverage in negotiations.

Technology advancements could affect public opinion and ensure that the significant shift back to work might not ever happen.

Or, in other words, go out in suits and sweatpants. Many businesses like yours have decided to leave the office, possibly forever, to go with the WFH.

Does Your Home Office Have the WFH Certification?

If your living space soon becomes your new office, you want to begin treating it as one. You must evaluate the possible liability that could arise from the location and figure out ways to mitigate these. That is why you must have the appropriate insurance policy.

You wouldn’t let workplace space with no insurance. What reason should your work be different?

Home insurance policies are a common way to will help you safeguard your home by providing coverages for:

  • Damage to the building exterior and interior.
  • Flooding, theft, fire, and other damages impact household belongings like furniture, electronics, and jewelry.
  • In the home, accidents cause harm to you or someone else.

They typically contain the following:

  • General Liability Insurance protects you from any damages that result from damage caused to your business from home.
  • Business Property Insurance Coverage for Damages protects your business premises that safeguard equipment, beliefs, and other assets vital to your business’s continuous management.
  • Business Interruption Insurance assures a consistent revenue stream in the case of damage to any of the above assets, which may prevent you from carrying on your business as previously.

Commercial property insurance is an absolute necessity for every successful home-based business. Do not leave your company without protection.

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An insurance policy for commercial properties covers all of the common characteristics listed above. The enhanced coverage can include:

  • Equipment Failure protects the various devices, tools, and other assets essential for the operation of your business.
  • Damage from Floods and Earthquakes, Safeguards businesses’ buildings and equipment and provides the coverage needed for repairs.
  • Sewer Backup Protection, When water damage prohibits you from performing your duties as you want.

We provide a professional and dedicated brokerage team committed to providing the best insurance advice alongside this extensive coverage. We can help you understand the distinction between All Risks and Named Perils or help you decide whether your mobile property needs to be covered. Our insurance agents can protect your business and allow you to concentrate on creating it.

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