The Extreme Weather in Ottawa Is Driving the Demand for HVAC Contractors

The HVAC system can become functional if there is a freeze on the inner coils and thickening of the fluids for lubrication. However, HVAC accidents can also occur in colder weather. Tests of your HVAC system must be conducted at a lower temperature than 18 C to avoid ice formation on the condenser.

HVAC contractors and firms are a vital part of Ottawa. Due to the extreme weather conditions in Ottawa, HVAC contractors are in the market. Since the energy cost gets decreased for homeowners and business owners, installations in new buildings get anticipated to become more popular. The result will be a boost in consumer spending and an increase in demand for energy-efficient HVAC systems.

Suppose you offer industrial, commercial, or residential HVAC contractor services. Our knowledgeable team of brokers can provide specific insurance policies that meet your company’s particular requirements.

HVAC Contractors and Businesses

Tradespeople, contractors, and construction industries often face the advancement of new technologies, evolving conditions, and other daily threats to their work sites. HVAC systems injuries could get caused by pollution or the loss, theft, or damage of equipment and tools essential to running your company. Commercial Insurance Ottawa offers the services required for HVAC companies and contractors to get protected from any disruptions or risks your company might encounter.

What Are Insurance Policies Necessary for HVAC Contractors and Firms to Consider?

Consider the following laws if you work in the construction or HVAC industries:

Commercial General Liability

As an HVAC contractor, your work can cause injury or property damage to motorists or pedestrians who pass near your construction site. Commercial General Liability can provide insurance against claims from third parties for injuries or property damage within or around your work site. It offers financial protection for shares common to legal liability or lawsuits that could cost your business millions without insurance.

Installation Floater

Installation Floater is a policy that covers both personal properties that can be moved or altered by contractors. This policy protects property while being put in and labor, which means you’re covered if you suffer an accident or loss during the work. Work as a contractor or in a trade. You might be able to obtain an insurance policy that covers all of your jobs and has limits based on an average or maximum exposure to installation.

Tools and Equipment

HVAC companies invest a lot of money in equipment and tools. This policy will cover repair or replacement costs if your equipment is damaged, stolen, or lost. Creating an inventory of all the equipment and means the company has is necessary to ensure you are covered.

Pollution Liability

You require Pollution liability insurance if you work in an area that exposes you to environmental risks and the liabilities associated with pollution. This policy safeguards HVAC companies and firms from bodily injury to third parties and property and ecological damage in cases of contamination occurring on an area of work that gets covered.

Commercial Auto

When you’re moving materials between job places, there’s room for accidents that could damage the equipment you use and slow the progress of your projects. Suppose you’re using vehicles to travel to work, your warehouse, or any other location. In that case, Commercial Auto Insurance will protect you from incidents that occur while traveling during your career.

The Need for Repairs and Maintenance

The growth in business and consumer spending over the last few years has benefited HVAC Contractors and Construction firms that have seen new expansion plans, services, and construction for commercial buildings. Extreme temperatures and extreme cold provide more opportunities for homeowners are required to call HVAC contractors to perform inspections of their HVAC units.

Suppose you own an HVAC company or work independently as an HVAC contractor. In that case, our skilled agents from Commercial Insurance Ottawa are here to offer customized insurance plans for those working in the construction, HVAC, and construction industries. To start your quote, call (613) 454-5640 or email