Delivery services have been increasing in recent years and are still an essential aspect of the duration of this epidemic. Companies are now offering curbside pickup or delivery to ensure their customers follow security guidelines while also offering their services. Suppose you’re employing a commercial vehicle for your company or using an individual vehicle for deliveries. Your employees or drivers must get covered by commercial auto insurance to protect delivery. Suppose your company continues to evolve to meet regulations from the government. Your business insurance could require some adjustments to cover your property risk of liability for autos. Make sure you speak with an agent to learn what insurance coverages you need to protect your business to cover delivery.

Does My Personal Auto Insurance Covers Delivery?

Suppose you’re using your vehicle to deliver, or you use a company vehicle that makes deliveries. In that case, The simple response is: your private insurance policy will not protect you. The personal auto insurance policy will only cover you in unique circumstances where no other business individuals, goods, or people are involved. When your vehicle becomes a delivery vehicle to deliver products or receive the cost of driving the car, it gets utilized commercially. Commercial vehicles carry a unique risk that your personal auto insurance policy will not cover.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance for Delivery

Insurance is an important consideration when you’re considering using your vehicle to deliver services. As a business owner, should you decide to purchase the company vehicle to provide deliveries, you’ll require commercial vehicle insurance to protect the vehicle and any employees with accessibility to the. For instance, florists or bakers who deliver their goods to customers will need commercial auto insurance to cover delivery services for their vehicles and drivers. Insurance policies can get tailored to meet specific requirements. However, commercial delivery auto insurance will usually include coverages for:

Insurance for expenses if you, your employee’s drivers, or passengers suffer injuries. It might include both medical costs and lost wages while undergoing rehabilitation.

A replacement vehicle is covered that allows you to continue working if your business vehicle is damaged and needs to get repaired. The same coverage is available for personal insurance.

How Do I Know If Delivery Insurance Is Required?

Discuss some questions with your general insurance agent to determine if you need commercial auto insurance to cover delivery or obtain an endorsement on your auto policy.

Who is the Owner of and Manages the Vehicle?

  • Suppose you are a sole proprietor running your business at home and don’t move between offices or make deliveries to customers. In that case, your vehicle insurance policy may suffice to cover your needs.
  • Suppose you’re conducting deliveries from your private vehicle to support your small company or home-based business. In that case, you might need commercial auto insurance to cover delivery.
  • A vehicle owned by a business used to deliver goods or transport equipment and tools should get covered by commercial auto insurance.
  • Employees who are full-time and using the vehicle to conduct business must get named as drivers on the insurance policy for your commercial auto.

What Are the Uses of the Vehicle on a Day-To-Day Basis?

If you get into an accident and use your vehicle for reasons not provided to the insurance company, the claim could get rejected. Talk to your broker about commercial car insurance for delivery if you are using your vehicle to do any of these reasons:

  • You are responsible for transporting or delivering material, goods, or products.
  • It is essential to transport tools or equipment.
  • You deliver to mail or parcel packages.

For More Details About the Insurance for Delivery

You should speak with your broker and discuss what modifications may have to get implemented to your commercial insurance policies. With Ottawa Commercial Insurance, you can talk to one of our brokers. They will help you decide if you require to alter your insurance policy that includes delivery options and get the most comprehensive coverage at an affordable cost. For more information, you can call at (613) 454-5640 or email us