You must obtain insurance against liability and property destruction claims, no matter the size or type of your firm. A single case or claim can destroy a small landscaping company.

Do You Have the Proper Insurance?

Landscape Business Risk

Landscape design is more challenging than most people think. If you’re not involved in the business, it’s not a risky option. However, they must know that damaging a customer’s property is possible, from pathways to walls, fences, patios, and decks. There are also irrigation equipment or lighting and decorative water elements.

Does your landscaping business provide the services of tree surgery, mowing, or pruning? There’s also the responsibility of repairing and replacing plants and garden features. Utilizing sharp machinery and tools adds a level of danger.

Costly Liability Claims

What risks could result in claims for damages against the landscaping business?

  • Theft, vandalism, or fire can damage or destroy expensive, specialized tools and equipment.
  • Accidents that cause injury to employees or third people on the job site.
  • The interruption to business operations caused by equipment malfunction can lead to financial losses and damage to reputation.
  • Accidents in the vehicle pose another chance. You or employees could be injured driving company vehicles to work sites.
  • Replacement of damaged products, such as sod or seedlings, if they do not take root.
  • You can lease or rent specific equipment or vehicles for an undertaking. If they are damaged or are stolen or vandalized, stolen, your company could be held accountable.
  • Using toxic pesticides, herbicides, or other harmful products could result in contamination.
  • Bad design decisions can cause damage to existing structures, plants, and trees. In general, basement flooding or the destruction of utility lines can lead to liability suits.

All of these situations could cause property damage and liability claims.

General Liability Insurance

Contractors Liability Insurance protects landscaping companies like yours from damages and liability claims. But, before purchasing your insurance policy, ensure that it gets tailored to cover the specific needs of your business.

Yes, a contractor’s liability policy indeed provides coverage for any claims made against your business in the event of property damage to your client’s property caused by the process of your work. There are different types of contractors. Do you need to pay for this insurance as a roofing contractor?

Best Rates to Safeguard Against Claims for Property Damage

Property damage can happen at any point. For example, suppose your employee is negligently damaging a neighbor’s fence. In that case, the lawn-sprinkler system gets damaged on-site, or a guest’s vehicle gets injured by debris that flies off your property.

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