It gets stated that the amount of construction in a nation is a good indicator of its prosperity. The construction industry is responsible for maintaining and constructing all the structures of our cities and towns, including all aspects of our energy system, roadways, transportation systems, and homes we live.

There are plenty of risks that come with the construction industry. That places the burden on contractors and small business owners in the construction industry to ensure they get exposed to the costs of an incident, accident, or lawsuit. That’s why insurance for builders comes into the picture. Also called the course of construction insurance, the builder’s risk insurance policy is a type of property insurance designed to safeguard homeowners and contractors from the beginning to completion of any construction project.

As winter wanes and construction season gets underway, it is the perfect right time to review the details of the jobs they’ll be working on in the coming year and ensure they have enough insurance in case of a problem. Here are four reasons each builder or contractor must get insured for builder’s risks and the reasons why it’s advantageous:

1: Insurance for Things Out of Your Control

The insurance for builders covers the cost of repairing an unfinished structure and making repairs to building equipment and materials in the event of physical damage or loss. For instance, if severe weather conditions like lightning, hail, strong winds, vandalism, fire, or theft strike the building site on which you’re working. The insurance typically covers aircraft and vehicle damages. Make sure you know the risk you’re taking as a contractor and make periodic assessments of your business to ensure that you’re correctly secure.

2: You Can Choose the Limits of Coverage

Like any commercial insurance policy, you can choose the limits of coverage and deductibles of the builder’s insurance policy. Consider the budget for the project you’re working on as a basis for determining the coverage limits of your policy. According to the worth of the structure you are working on, the insurance you purchase should get modified. Furthermore, you can lower the annual cost price by opting for an increased deductible. However, if you decide to go down that option, make sure you have enough money to pay the deductible if you need to submit an action for damages.

3: It’s Affordable

A builder’s risk policy is reasonably priced, and, in some instances, it is possible to pay the insurance policy to the property owner. Additionally, it is considerably less than cleaning costs for an injured worksite after an intense fire or storm out of pocket or if your property or equipment is stolen or damaged. In addition, a builder’s risk policy could cover costs for demolition or clearing debris off the site after an incident of fire or damage caused by extreme weather. Why should you pay for someone else’s wrong?

4: It’s Unique

Be aware that an all-risk or commercial property insurance policy cannot cover losses or damages incurred in a construction project. That is what makes construction risk insurance unique. Additionally, you can add additional protection in the form of “soft costs” in the policy to pay for the costs resulting from delays which, for example, could result in the need to extend the rental of equipment that you need.

Secure Your Paycheque: Purchase Builder’s Risk Insurance

Ultimately, it’s essential to understand the importance of an insurance policy for builders. A fire or storm can delay your work by a long time and could prove financially damaging to you if you don’t have an insurance policy for builders. Because builder’s risk insurance is typically considered an insurance policy, all events are covered unless they get excluded.

Every homeowner or developer who is a general contractor is accountable for buying a builder’s insurance policy and making sure that any subcontractors they hire are named insureds or as additional insureds on the policy. While it is recommended for a building contractor to get an insurance policy before beginning any construction work, You can purchase the policy through Commercial Insurance Ottawa after construction. Call us today at (613) 454-5640 or email us at