Car insurance gets required in the majority of areas of Ottawa. However, just because you have a general insurance policy doesn’t indicate that you have the proper coverage. For example, if you utilize your car for business, You may need to buy business auto insurance.

Things to Take into Consideration

Do not worry; it’s not rocket science! Three factors will determine whether you should purchase commercial auto insurance.

1. The Use of the Vehicle

It is by far the most critical aspect. Commercial vehicle insurance gets typically used for specific functions, such as transporting people, goods, or tools, which means they get exposed to different risks than private vehicles. Commercial auto insurance might not be required if your use for commercial purposes is just occasional and does not involve delivery. However, if you make frequent trips to customers, deliver goods, or even deliver items, It’s best to carry them.

2. The Type of Vehicle

Certain types of vehicles, including heavy trucks and tool vehicles, will cost more to replace or repair and could cause significant damage in an accident. Auto insurance for businesses is, therefore, vital.

3. Owner of The Vehicle

If you are the car’s sole owner, the auto insurance on your own might suffice. But commercial auto insurance will be required if a company or employer owns your vehicle. There are exceptions. However, this is generally the best practice.

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