We’ve spoken about the necessity for commercial vehicle insurance before. However, we’re aware that prevention is the best option to avoid the need to file insurance claims.

What can small-scale entrepreneurs do to lessen their business vehicle, truck, or fleet risks?

Use Winter Tires

Particularly for companies that run all year long, dealing with Ottawa winters could be one of the greatest threats to the health of their vehicles.

The best method to keep your commercial vehicle while on the roads is by using winter tires in the winter months between November and March.

Winter tires get constructed of soft rubber and a more dense tread that gives them more flexibility and traction as the temperatures fall.

Lock Up Your Tools

Vans and business trucks are a frequent target for burglars when there are indications that valuable items get kept.

They won’t get at risk if their vehicle is involved, damaged in an accident, or get taken.

Storing less equipment inside your vehicle will reduce the overall burden. Larger vehicles are harder to stop and control in an emergency.

The lighter your car is, the better your gas mileage will be, and the less stress your suspension and brakes will have to endure.

Think About Parking

The location you place your commercial vehicle for the night could make a difference.

The ideal spot to park is inside monitored and locked garages or any other structure.

When parking on the street is the only choice, Try to find a spot away from the road, so it’s not accessible via looky-loos.

An outdoor parking space that is access-controlled might be an alternative.

The Alarm System Activates

There are high-tech crimes that may elude a car alarm system. Still, a locked door and a familiar-sounding alert will suffice for the average car burglar to keep them out of the way.

Another option is installing the type of GPS tracking offered by firms like Titan GPS, especially if you have a fleet of commercial cars. It will come in handy if your vehicle gets towed away.

Regardless of where you get parked, find a simple site to see from your job or home location and, more importantly, in the view of a camera for greater security from passive surveillance.

Sometimes, knowing that your vehicle gets monitored is enough to ensure safety.

Regular Maintenance

What we should be doing to prolong the lifespan and condition of our vehicles is particularly crucial for commercial vehicles.

Ensure that washer fluid is appropriately topped off, making sure oil changes get made. Tune-ups and proper tire pressure are only two essential things company owners should do to keep their vehicles in good working order.

Be a Smart Driver

Being a competent driver is being aware of and avoiding distractions while driving.

While various factors get considered in determining an individual’s auto insurance cost, the driver’s record is one of the most important.

Being a safe driver for yourself and hiring workers with excellent driving records means you’re not just paying less car insurance costs. Still, it’ll also ensure that your vehicle is more secure driving.

Affordable Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Suppose the prevention fails and you experience an injury or loss to your business’s vehicle. In that case, it is essential to have high-quality commercial auto insurance as your security net. We can provide you with a no-obligation commercial auto insurance quote.

Don’t hesitate to reach us for any questions you might have regarding this or any other aspect related to your insurance. our contact: (613) 454-5640 and Email: info@commercialinsuranceottawa.com