As a landscaper, you can perform various tasks that improve the appearance of your client’s property. Suppose it’s the installation of a French drain, planting trees, or even installing water features for a person’s backyard. In that case, the task isn’t without risk.

Furthermore, suppose you’re working on commercial properties. In that case, You may have to agree to contracts and adhere to the requirements for insurance before you begin the project.

Fortunately, landscapers can get quality insurance quickly within construction and contractor insurance, particularly when compared with other trades. Finding the insurance you need for a reasonable price is standard from reputable insurance companies.

Below are the details of the types of insurance you require as a landscaping professional:

What Coverages Do Landscaping Contractors Have to Cover?

While your clients and the work you undertake may require additional insurance, landscaping professionals frequently need a variety of guidelines.

General Liability

The first insurance policy that the majority of contractors purchase is a General Liability Insurance policy for commercial businesses. The policy addresses most liability concerns contractors have to deal with while operating their business.

To summarize, the policy covers injuries to property or bodily harm caused by another person when you operate your business. It covers any claims that arise when you perform the task; for instance, you cause damage to a homeowner’s home by using your heavy equipment. The same applies to claims that arise following the completion of the work. For instance, suppose you put in an irrigation system that failed and caused flooding to the property of the client, which caused water damage.

General liability is among the essential policies that contractors purchase every year. It is vital for a successful company in this field.

Contractors Tools & Equipment

Most landscaping companies use their tools or equipment on different job sites. It could include lawnmowers, Bobcats, as well as excavation equipment. These tools, as well as other tools, are taken or damaged in various ways.

The tools and equipment policy covers the apparatus in case they get damaged or stolen at your workplace, home, or even the job site.

Commercial Auto

Most landscape contractors typically use a van or work truck to transport equipment from one client site to another.

Suppose the vehicle belongs to the company or has employees who frequently drive it. In that case, you’ll need an insurance policy for your commercial vehicle to protect you from the liabilities arising from auto collisions.

You may also include physical damages to the policy to protect any damage to the automobile, regardless of whether you or another person is accountable.

Workers Compensation

If you have employees, the state government will require you to have workers’ compensation insurance. The policy will cover the cost of medical bills and lost wages for an employee injured on the job working for your business.

In contrast to liability insurance, many laws governing injuries to workers state that regardless of fault. Even when your employee is negligent, you are responsible for the injuries they sustain.

Workers’ compensation is essential in any field where employees could be operating machinery, digging or lifting heavy objects, working in hot temperatures, etc.

Liability for Errors and Omissions

If you plan to create a landscape design, we suggest you buy an errors and omissions insurance policy. The policy will cover any mistakes made by professionals when designing the project.

For example, you could participate in designing and building a retaining wall. When the project is complete, the wall begins to flake due to the defective materials supplied by the manufacturer.

Suppose you’re not involved in the design. In that case, you can include an optional version of your general liability insurance policy for a small amount. It’s essential to keep in mind the fact that not every contractor requires this type of insurance.


Landscaping contractors face particular risks unique to the construction business. However, these risks can manage by utilizing the appropriate insurance policies. Commercial Insurance Ottawa can help you find commercial insurance for your business and select the right approach. If you are looking for insurance for your landscaping business, feel free to call us at (613) 454-5640 or email us at